This is a very exciting time for PC computing.   The introduction of Windows 8 brings a rich touch experience to the digital applicatons and services we rely on today...but most of us still rely on traditional desktop applications to get our work done.  North Cape embodies the kind of device we need in this emerging environment:  a fully featured laptop running the new Haswell Core Processor and Windows 8 Pro with a brilliant edge-to-edge 13" display...which can also detach to provide a great tablet experience for on the go "touch first" computing experiences.   
North Cape is a stage for the Windows 8 Pro operating system.  This means we needed to create a product appropriate for two modes of use.  This is a real problem for the industry right now, because one size of display is acceptable for using desktop apps (13" is about as small as you want to go), and another size is appropriate for tablet form factors (anything larger than 11.6" is pretty bulky and challenging to use).  We created a solution which optimizes for both usage modalities.  We used a special ultra-thin bezel display module to fit a 13" screen in the same footprint as a 11.6" tablet.   This creates a great canvas for using traditional desktop applications, as well as a great platform for watching movies and consuming media without compromising form factor and making a bulky tablet.   Then, right when the user needs it, the screen adapts and shrinks (via software which does not compromise quality) to create a functional bezel for holding the tablet without accidentally activating the touchscreen.   
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