While working at Teague in 2010, we had the chance to tackle an interesting task from HP: position their next generation ink-jet technology head to head with laser.

While being almost 2 times faster and cheaper than laser technology the printer had to express a unique take on inkjet technology while pleasing a contemporary business consumer on a daily basis.
We managed to develop a bold yet iconic design while staying approachable intuitive and easy to use 
Create a radically simple product,

The iconic frame is both a visual signature and an essential element that combine tray functionality and define a cubby space for extra rims of paper or unclaimed prints waiting for their owners ( a typical situation in business environment) .

Bold and simple character with an iconic presence.

The very open form factor of the tray construction allow a true 360 degree accessibility, an interesting plus in an office environment where the printer could then occupy a more central position in the office

The product has been introduced on the market this year as the

First of all we studied the uses and abuses of a typical small enterprise printer.
Starting from what Hp already accomplished on the market in the enterprise printer world, we defined a unique statement and positioning for this new product category introduction. 
We then defined criteria for evaluation based on the methodic examination of existing primary research.
We finally explored together with the Hp engineers the technical feasibility of each proposition.
From a hardware perspective, we defined what a thoughtful approach would look and feel like: 
HP Officejet pro X

Designed @ TEAGUE  in collaboration with Hp
production: august 2013 - still available .
Designers: Dana Krieger, Ben Collette
Creative direction: Tad Toulis 

copyrights: HP-TEAGUE more infos @ 

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